A flower’s life

A colleague recently challenged me to write a poem on a flower. I’ve started with the same. More parts to come…

In the midst of the wet season
Just after a heavy all-night shower
A bud that had survived the onslaught
Blossomed into a wonderful flower

There was a little rain drop nearby
That glittered in the first rays of the sun
The flower peeped into the diminutive mirror
Which just added more to its confusion

The tiny rain drop reflected everything
Surmised the flower with disbelief
And there was another entity peeking into it
A fresh green chlorophyll-rich leaf

“You are a flower”, said the leaf
Stammering in a hesitant husky voice
“You shall spend this life as a flower.
A great privilege for any life. Rejoice!”

“Oh!”, exclaimed the flower. “But what sir
Is exactly my purpose in this life?
Am I to lead a dull and boring existence
Or will my experiences be amazing and rife?”

“I have seen many a day”, responded the leaf
“Be it sunny, frost, freezing winter, or rain.
But even I cannot predict a life’s direction.
And divulge if you are blessed with cheers or pain.”

You will probably be united with your brothers
And be adorned as a garland on a bride
Or comfort the loved ones at a funeral
Or just help a corrupt politician display his pride.”

“But you should consider yourself lucky
For if your life is devoted to an act of love
A young gentleman might just come by
Pluck you and conceal you inside his glove”

“Or you might develop into a ripe fruit
A destiny more divine than any of these
Be planted in a great orchard with many
And lead to the birth of many such trees”

Becoming Awesome

A poem for my awesome friend Pill who was just feeling a little blue:

There’s so much more to life than just plain living
Why are you feeling blue and just playing possum?
Put on your riding boots and get back in the saddle
For it’s time to achieve your goals and become awesome…

A Farewell Poem

A Farewell Poem written by Rohan Desai, my Ex-Project Manager:

Coding, poetry, cooking, sketching,
What this guy cannot do is a mystery
He can even build time machines
So what, if only in a story

He is an extremely nice guy to be with
But, of course, don’t dare to cross his path, ever
Or your PC might spring a nasty little surprise
Just as Mohna found out later

And finally, I really like to add one thing
In his work, he is very very good
And he is also game for loads of fun
After all, he is a biker, dude

Thanks Rohan, for the wonderful poem. :)

It was a dark and stormy night

I wrote this poem for someone who had a bad day.  Just because something didn’t work out doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world. We need to keep taking the hits that life throws at us and keep moving on… That’s life!

The sun had set long long ago
It was the darkest hour of the night
The war was still far from getting over
Today was just a small loss in a fight

My resolve is echoed by my city
Its people fight tirelessly in the rain
Even if the whole world asks me to give up
A little voice in me says “Hey, just try again”

I yearn for a quantum of solace
My pain keeps growing by the day
I pleaded to God and you know what he said
For you, my child, even atheists will pray…

Reply to Terry Prince

Hey buddy, you don’t put up a cheesy quote as your status in GTalk and expect me to not retaliate. So, here’s the response to Mr. Terry Prince…

Your life is your garden,
your thoughts are the seeds.
If your life isn’t awesome,
you’ve been watering the weeds
~Terry Prince

Life ain’t a garden, it’s a ghastly amusement park
Equipped with roller-coaster rides, it’s open after dark

Just thoughts don’t matter, they’re oft mistaken for seeds
A life’s course is determined, not by intentions, but deeds

If you don’t share it, your life ain’t awesome
Cause you haven’t been living, but just playing possum

Like God, on everyone, your love you should shower
For a weed is nothing but an unloved flower

Forrest Gump

This was actually a reply to one of my FaceBook friend’s post. Just added one more stanza to it…

Some say that life’s like a box of chocolates
While others call it a stupid rat race
But I say it’s just a game with no save/load option
So you gotta plan every move like you do in chess

There will be many mad manic maydays
Where the situation gets really really tight
But this Earth is a place for warriors, not survivors
So, why just survive, when you can put a good fight?

The whole world wants everyone to just ‘fit in’
To convert even fierce sharks into small fry
Don’t listen to them, just follow your dreams
Remember, with faith, even a chicken can soar the sky!

The pursuit for happyness

Saw The Pursuit for Happyness today; amazing movie…

The pursuit for happiness; the quest for success
They’re nothing more than a big joke
Make these your goals, join the chase
And you’ll just end up frustrated and broke

For happiness and success cannot be enjoyed alone
They’re multiplied exponentially when you share
Shower your blessings upon the deprived
And for the gluttons, send a small prayer…


This is just one short story that I wrote out of random thoughts entering my mind. This is my first attempt at publishing a short story. I hope you like it.

By the way, the characters in this story are purely fictional. Any similarities between them are purely coincidental.

Start of Story…

This short story takes place in a Top Secret testing field of a Top Secret laboratory near  a Top Secret army base in a Top Secret city of a country that  err… wishes to keep its affairs clandestine.

Yes, we finally have a visual at the red spot”, exclaimed Pauline. “We’ve done it Aditya. This android MN32 too has solved the algorithm correctly using only its intelligence.

Great, we’ve finally did it. That was a really cool development!” exclaimed Aditya “These microprocessors will give these androids a mind of their own. And guess what, now we’re gonna be rich, Pauline. And I can finally buy that Condo down the road that I’ve been waiting to buy.

Don’t get so excited Aditya and stop building condos (read castles) in the air”, said Pauline on a lighter note. “You may have just unwillingly given the birth to the machines that are going to conquer our very planet depriving us of our very existence.

Cool!” exclaimed Aditya nonchalantly. “I’m like the father of the Terminators, or wait, more like the Architect from the Matrix series

Little did Pauline know that what she just jokingly said was about to come true.

While the two were contemplating on the various new additions that they could impart in these androids, a small high-pitched bang took place behind them. Both Pauline and Aditya turned to face the cause of the crackling sound. A blinding light seared through the room and a small old man stood before them.

Who in the Hell are you? And how the Hell did the security let you in?” asked Aditya flabbergasted.

Hello”, said He. “I would have given you my name but your vocal abilities are not advanced enough to pronounce it”. “But”, he continued “You can call me Jemal. Its meaning is actually similar to my real name. By the way, why do you people always think of Hell rather than Heaven?”

“Security Alert code 13, there’s an unidentified old man in the lab”, shouted Pauline over the intercom.

I wouldn’t do that if I were you”, said the strange looking man pointing at the glass door through which the security personnel could be seen chatting. “It‘s of no use anyways.

On closer observation, it could be seen that the two guards were motionless. Even the hands of the clock above the door, were still. It was as if time itself had ‘frozen’. Both the scientists looked at each other and again at the stuck clock.

“Oh, it’s just the time stopper’s charm”, the strange man brushing his arm and looking at his stunned audience. ”And I am not an old man. This physical form is just one that your species are acquainted with. My real form is too complex for your optical system to register. I am what you people may call as the lord of death. I have come to take you two with me. Then I’ll be free to format this planet for the machines. Finally the time of Humans is over. It is now the time of Rise of the Machines. But don’t worry you two; you are the lucky ones that will get to watch the progress of this planet for eternity

And will happen to all the others?” asked Pauline on a fervent note “our parents, friends and all the human beings on this planet”.

And the robots that we worked so hard on?” added Aditya “We’ve just had a major breakthrough in this field. There is so much that we need to work on.

You should let go of these frivolities”, said Jemal looking at Aditya “just like your predecessors let go of you”.

And who was our predecessor?” asked Pauline “Were we too created just like how we created these androids”.

Not ‘was’, ‘were’. Just like you two have contributed to the growth of these androids.” said Jemal.

And coming to the point”, continued Jemal. “Actually, I am your creator. I created you all. I created the very essence of this planet. Just like my brother created another in the adjoining Galaxy. I created your buildings, your bridges, the roads and even ‘your’ satellites. But you humans, you patented these things and called them your own. You called them ‘Man-Made’. Just like that, your predecessor calls you theirs. But, forget it, I do not wish to argue with that logic. For what is yours is mine and what is mine is yours. And that is why I am what you may call your GOD. And I offer you the choice

Just then a large hole appeared under the very feet of that strange man. And a spiraling staircase descended from it.

Follow me and you shall receive the supreme enlightenment. Or stay here and everything will return to normal. And even our little meeting will remain a secret forever, like your secret laboratory”, said Jemal starting to descend the staircase.

When can we see our predecessors then?” asked Pauline while they were descending the strange staircase.

You’ll meet them shortly”, answered Jemal softly. “But unfortunately you cannot directly communicate with them. They are not so ‘technically advanced’ like you. Even their spoken language is substandard, not even as comparable to that of dolphins”.

But”, Jemal said stopping for a brief moment. “They are not unfamiliar to you. You think that they are extinct, because their souls had to leave their bodies abruptly. Just like yours needed to, now.

You know them by the name of Dinosaurs”, Jemal continued while the two scientists gasped to cope with this new knowledge. “Their bodies were such that they could change ‘what you people call DNA’ and make different organisms out of them. And you were just one of the infinite variations possible that were worthy enough to inherit this planet. I remember personally collecting their main group a long time back”.

Dinosaurs created us?” exclaimed Aditya, clearly shocked at that thought.

At least that clears one of the biggest mysteries of our times”, said Pauline coolly. She had come to terms with their predicament now. Or was it a boon?

Hey”, asked Aditya with fervent hope in his voice”If you know all about us and our history you can answer some of the intriguing questions that we had”.

All in good time”, said Jemal as they continued descending the strange staircase.

The End?

Thank you for reading this post. Your comments, pingbacks, ratings, reviews and any other contributions are greatly appreciated.

Presentation on ‘GearBoxes in Automobiles’

It’s been nearly a year that I have been inactive on this site. Phew… Life’s too busy when you are in college…

Anyways, there’s a PowerPoint presentation that I recently made with the help of my classmate Shashank Maikhuri, and I thought that it is worth posting here…

In Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 (ppt) format:

Gearboxes in Automobiles

In Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 (pptx) format:

Gearboxes in Automobiles

The disclaimer applies to the presentation as well.
The images, text and other media in this presentation has been taken from different sources from books and the web. I do not take any credit for them…

Anyone is free to use the presentation for themselves (obviously with my prior knowledge). Feel free to contact me regarding the same.


Thank you for reading this post. Your comments, pingbacks, ratings, reviews and any other contributions are greatly appreciated.


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